Friday, January 8, 2010

Where's Your Cliche Post Title Now, Fred Phelps?

It either says something about how Fred Phelps' stock has fallen in car-crash media circles or how few people read Byron Crawford's blog that no one seems to have noted with terrific irony that God snowed out his planned harassment of not merely people with questionable taste in music, but also gay high school students. As per Mr. Crawford:

I really was gonna pull a Chris Brown on Fred Phelps today, but the protest was canceled. It's snowing pitchforks and dreaded n-word babies here in the STL. I wonder if it'll clear up in time for the Lady Gaga concert. No homo.

Sucks for Phelps and his suspiciously large-schnozzed granddaughter. I guess Choine, the snow-nymph, won an arm wrestling match with Jesus.

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