Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey Coakley! UR Doin' It Wrong!

The fact that the Massachusetts Democratic machine didn't have a plan in mind for Ted Kennedy's death, like maybe a vat-grown thing called "Ned Hennedy", is proof enough they are completely terrible. Relying on Martha Coakley is just further proof of how worthless they are, like if your friend decides he can totally lose the cops and he should because, no it's cool I only had two beers but I don't want to explain that to them.

So should we really be surprised some state functionary (Attorney General, whatever) tries to win points on sports yak radio and totally muffs it? No, we should not. One should be annoyed at the pandering but not the factual inaccuracy.

What is truly rage inducing is, well, first off being dumb enough to be following this race. Second though is reading a passage like this, from The Boston Globe (found via Alternet):

Coakley, in an interview yesterday in Boston after addressing a breakfast meeting of commercial real estate developers [Emphasis added], said she believes that the climate is changing, that human activity is to blame for much of the change, and that the time for action is now.

Commercial real estate developers? Your opponent is out there driving around an original fucking Model-T built by Henry Ford himself and you're having breakfast with the kind of rich dickheads that got us into this mess. Awesome, great, raises and HJs all around. Where is your sense, any Massachusetts Democrat? Go meet with unions and poor people to trick them into voting for you, then you take the corporate money once you're safely in. I mean, it's not like you're going to govern.

Christ. The psychic toll of being a Met fan and a liberal is starting to become too much to take.

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