Monday, March 2, 2009

Is The Ecstatic Just Some Kind Of Cruel Hoax?

What the world is sorely lacking, aside from a functioning economy and maybe free cotton candy machines on every corner, is a new Mos Def album. Think about it: The New Danger came out in 2004, when I was still in college, and it was kind of weird and totally unlike Black on Both Sides. I mean, I wasn't going to begrudge Mos for going all crazy and trying to take rock'n'roll away from white folks, and the album had some solid songs like "Sunshine", 'The Rape Over" and "Champion Requiem". Then there was Tru Magic which no one listened to, literally. There are zero people who listened to that album because by then it seemed Dante was more interested in rapping about the GMC Denali and appearing in the remake of the Italian Job (WTF, mate?).

So for awhile all was quiet on the Mos Def front and hip hop was all the lamer for it. Then one day I saw this post on Byron Crawford's blog with "Life in Marvelous Times" and my life was changed forever, literally (not literally). Honestly, I must have listened to the track one hundred times the first week it hit the internet and told all my friends about it and how they had to listen to it or they were lame. I was having visions of The Ecstatic hitting the streets any day and blowing everyone away with the force of a Class Five Hurrinado. Seriously, just listen to it.

And then...nothing. I started looking around for a release date or some news about the album, but I couldn't seem to find anything. Considering this was the lead single for the album and it had dropped at the end of October, why the hell was it December and I still wasn't hearing anything? The World's Most Accurate Encyclopedia gave the release date as June 2009, and still does, but come on, that shit seems ridiculous, especially since it's completely unsourced. Shocking, I know.

Elsewhere on the internet, the consensus seemed to be sometime in February, but as I look at my calendar today, I notice that the month is Not February, otherwise known as March. So where the fuck is my new Mos Def album? The only news on Pitchfork was some wack ass writer throwing the single up there and then not acting like it was hot fiyah, even though he knows it is. The Amazon page lists the release as December 20, 2020, which is "ha-ha very funny" except that it's a joke at my expense about something I desperately want.

There's fake copies of it floating around BitTorrent, which isn't cool but totally predictable, but our best hop now lies in the mysterious Tom Minogue who writes for the Collegiate Times, which I've never heard of. He gave The Ecstatic an "A" and in the link to this review, The Rap Up gives the street date as May 19.

So really, what gives? Is it label issues? Some kind of production issue because Mos is being a perfectionist? Or is he just fucking with all of us, releasing an awesome single and then retreating to his Rapcave to cackle about people going nuts over it? I kind of hope it isn't the last option because as I've made abundantly clear, the world could use another Mos Def album. But, if it is the third one, at least scientists will finally have proof that the long rumored Rapcave does in fact exist.